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Worship Gathering: Preacher 3

Preacher: 3

Justin Majeau

Matthew 25:31-46

Have you heard the saying; “Christianity isn’t a religion it is a relationship”? How about this one; “The Church is the hands and feet of God”? Helpful sayings for some. But what if the idea of relationships frighten you? What if the idea of reducing an infinite God into a manageable, “relatable” concept offends your senses? What if those “hands and feet” abused you? Then what do you do?

This Sunday through the special use of a “generic” descriptor of God found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes we will see that maybe God if far more infinite than we have been lead to believe but also even more immanent than we could ever imagine.

Join us this Sunday morning for a time of worship, singing, communion, and sharing as we discuss the realities of our rich and diverse community.

Children programs available throughout the service.